Peloton X Lewis Capaldi Classes: Ride & Stretch

Peloton has just dropped a pair of exciting new classes, and they’ve teamed up with none other than the sensational Scottish singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation, Lewis Capaldi! If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok, chances are you’ve seen his viral videos. Well, now he’s bringing his creativity to Peloton, and the news got its spotlight on Instagram:

Hold onto your seat, because the TikTok star himself, @lewiscapaldi, is stepping into the Peloton spotlight. He’s here to dish out an exclusive, super-valuable lesson on the art of crafting top-notch TikTok content, and his lucky student is none other than Peloton’s own @benjaminalldis. You better believe this is something you don’t want to miss! Keep those eyes peeled for the all-new, can’t-miss Lewis Capaldi classes.

Peloton X Lewis Capaldi Classes Ride & Stretch

Speaking of Lewis Capaldi, he just unveiled his latest album, “Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent,” which dropped on May 19th. But guess what? That same week, Capaldi made a pit stop at the Peloton Studios London (PSL). Ben Alldis shared the news on his Instagram:

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the one and only @lewiscapaldi made a surprise visit to our very own Peloton Studios London last week. Talk about an epic collaboration! Together, we cooked up something truly extraordinary – not one, but two incredible classes that are sure to blow your mind. Lewis had just wrapped up a whirlwind two-month tour across America, and we were beyond thrilled to celebrate the launch of his brand-new album, ‘Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent.’ And hey, let’s not forget about the massive success of his latest Netflix documentary, ‘How I’m Feeling Now.’ Lewis is every bit as genuine and side-splittingly funny as we hoped, and these two classes are an absolute must.

Peloton’s got a dynamic duo of fresh classes waiting for you on their platform, and guess who’s making a special appearance? You got it – Lewis Capaldi himself is taking the spotlight in both!

Peloton X Lewis Capaldi Classes Ride & Stretch

Lewis Capaldi Peloton Workouts & Classes

  • 30 minutes Pop Ride – with Ben Alldis – May 22nd at 1:30pm ET
  • 10 minutes Lewis Capaldi Full Body Stretch – with Ben Alldis – May 22nd at 2:05pm ET
Peloton X Lewis Capaldi Classes Ride & Stretch

I want to point out that the Pop Ride isn’t solely centered around Capaldi’s music; it also features tracks from various artists. So, it isn’t classified as a Lewis Capaldi artist-specific class. Nonetheless, something pretty awesome happened – Capaldi took part in a live ride at the PSL studio. Alongside instructors Leanne Hainsby and Erik Jäger, he hopped on the bike and had a great chat with Ben throughout the session. Oh, and don’t miss him popping up at the very end for the full body stretch.

Word has it that Capaldi teamed up with Ben to curate the playlists for both classes – quite the collaboration, right?

Here’s a little twist: before you dive into the Pop Ride, you’ll spot an upfront message:

Peloton X Lewis Capaldi Classes Ride & Stretch
Explicit language warning screen ahead of 30 min. Pop Ride with Lewis Capaldi.

Hold up! This class contains content suitable for grown-up folks only. Expect some seriously strong language that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. And when we say strong, we mean really, really strong! Keep that in mind! This advisory is more serious than the usual explicit language caution that comes with any class featuring strong language.

The good news? Both Lewis Capaldi classes are now ready to roll on the Peloton app, website, and all the gadgets that support it. Are you in for the ride?

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