“Road To Your 26.2 – Part 1” Peloton Marathon Training Program For Runners

Introducing “Your Road to 26.2 – Part 1,” an exciting Peloton marathon training plan. It’s the initial step in a 3-phase program meticulously crafted to guide you towards marathon success.

In this first phase, spanning 6 weeks, we’re focused on gradually increasing your mileage. On those long run days (Day 7), there won’t be a specific run or class tailored to accompany your journey. Instead, we recommend you embark on a warmup run beforehand to prepare yourself for the upcoming long run challenge.

As for the most extended run you’ll tackle during Part 1, it will be a 10-mile adventure. Lace up your shoes and get ready to conquer those miles!

Here are the 2nd and 3rd parts:

Update Alert! In July 2022, Peloton gave this program a fresh makeover. They switched out the strength for runner’s classes across all the weeks. Moreover, they mixed things up on the 6th day, replacing the 20-minute run with classes led by coaches who weren’t part of the original launch team.

So, the program outlined below will feature the shiny new version.

Program Overview

Program Description

Let me share Peloton’s official description of “Road to Your 26.2 Part 1” with you:

“Get ready to kickstart your journey with race day as your ultimate goal. Week 1 starts with a well-deserved rest on Day 1 and reserves Day 7 for your long run adventure. In the following 6 weeks, you’ll dive into some gentle speed workouts and strength training while steadily ramping up your mileage.”

It’s a path toward marathon greatness with a strategic approach!

Program Badges

Of course, Peloton never forgets the badges! As you embark on this journey, there are shiny rewards waiting for you. Finish 24 classes, and you’ll proudly wear the Bronze badge. Go a little further with 34 classes, and you’ll earn the Silver one. For the true champions who conquer 44 out of the 48 classes, there’s the prestigious Gold badge, a testament to your dedication and determination.


Meet the fantastic team of 10 coaches who will guide you through the “Road to Your 26.2 Part 1” program:

How To Join

As of now, when we first hit that publish button, you have the chance to hop into these programs via Peloton Bikes, Tread, or the trusty Peloton Digital app. Remember, you won’t find them on Peloton’s website. Just take a stroll to the programs section, spot the “Road to Your 26.2 Part 1” program, and click that join button to start your adventure!


Let’s dive into the class lineup for each week in this program. Keep in mind, as Peloton revamped their program approach, these classes are initially “locked” and unlock as you make your way through the program. But don’t worry, if you’re eager to jump into a particular class, you can simply click its name in the list below. Once there, you can either bookmark it or add it to your stack and dive right in, no waiting required!

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Your adventure kicks off on Day 2 with your very first tempo run! Throughout your journey, you’ll balance the tougher workout days with strength classes, all while setting your sights on conquering a 4-mile distance during your inaugural long run. Let’s get started!

2nd Week Class List & Schedule

Week 2 is all about staying steady and consistent. You’ll stick to the same class plan as the previous week, but here’s the exciting part – you’ll be upping your long run game to a solid 6 miles. Keep that momentum going!

3rd Week Class List & Schedule

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come as you tackle tempo and race prep runs this week. And to cap it off, you’ll embark on an impressive 8-mile long run. But, here’s the secret sauce – remember to weave in some quality stretching and well-deserved recovery to keep you going strong. You’ve got this!

4th Week Class List & Schedule

In this week ahead, it’s your chance to savor your accomplishments from the past month. As a little treat to yourself, let’s dial it back a bit and enjoy a 4-mile long run to keep things feeling fresh and invigorating. You’ve earned it!

5th Week Class List & Schedule

As Week 5 unfolds, let’s dive into some exciting new strength classes to spice things up. Challenge your endurance with those tempo and race prep runs, and take a moment to admire just how consistent you’ve become as you tackle your second 8-mile long run. Keep pushing forward!

6th Week Class List & Schedule

Get ready to plunge into your most extensive marathon race prep run yet, featuring a thrilling 45 minutes of faster-paced running. And as the week wraps up, brace yourself for the big milestone – your very first double-digit long run, a fantastic 10-mile adventure awaits you! You’ve come so far, keep it up!

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