“Road To Your 5k” Peloton Training Program: Classes Schedule & More

Peloton’s “Path to Your 5K” training plan guides you through five weeks of preparation for a 5K race. If you’re new to running or just getting started, you might find it helpful to begin with the “You Can Run” program.

Program Overview

Program Description

Here is the Peloton’s official description of “Road to Your 5K”: “Embark on a 6-week journey tailored for newbie racers or folks returning to the racing scene. This program will help you build up your speed, strength, and stamina through a mix of interval training, longer runs, focused strength workouts, and a 2-week taper period.”

Program Badges

Of course, Peloton always adds a fun touch with badges. When you finish 14 classes, you’ll earn a shiny Bronze badge. Go for 20 classes, and you’ll snag the Silver badge. And if you conquer 26 out of the 28 classes, you’ll proudly sport the Gold badge.


Meet the fantastic team of 12 coaches guiding you through the Road to Your 5K program:

How to Join

As of now, you can hop into these programs using your Peloton Bikes, Tread, or the Peloton Digital app. Unfortunately, they aren’t accessible via Peloton’s website. Just head to the programs section, locate the Road to Your 5K program, and hit that join button.


Here’s a rundown of the weekly classes within the program. It’s worth noting that Peloton has introduced a new feature where these classes are initially “locked.” They’ll only unlock as you make your way through the program. But don’t worry, you can still click on any class in the list below. Once you do, you can either bookmark it or add it to your queue and enjoy it right away if you’d like.

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Dive into a week of 5K training wisdom! Begin with a gentle 30-minute run to prep for your first 5K race, enjoy a lighthearted run, and mix in some walk + run sessions. Remember to give yourself a good stretch before every workout.

2nd Week Class List & Schedule

Week 2 is all about going that extra mile! Aim to cover a total distance of 6-8 miles. Just like in Week 1, don’t forget to stretch both before and after your runs for a great experience.

3rd Week Class List & Schedule

This week, prepare to go even further. On your recovery day, make sure to add some strength exercises to your routine, and always remember to give your muscles a good stretch both before and after your cardio workouts.

4th Week Class List & Schedule

Your final week is almost here! Just a friendly reminder to make those pre- and post-sweat stretches a regular part of your routine. Your body will thank you!

5th Week Class List & Schedule

Don’t forget to schedule your workouts for early in the week. Try adding a strength session to your recovery day, and make sure to do those stretches before and after every sweat session. Your body will appreciate the care!

6th Week Class List & Schedule

If you’d like, you can skip the strength session, but be sure to keep those pre- and post-run stretches in your routine. And, if you’re up for it, consider a gentle shakeout run for your legs on the day before your big race. Your legs will thank you!

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