Peloton’s New Total Body 20 Strength Classes & Series with Ben Alldis

This morning, Peloton introduced a new strength and cardio series led by Ben Alldis. It’s called Total Body 20, and each class is just 20 minutes long. These classes are designed to help you build a stronger body by combining muscle training and interval exercises. You’ll feel the burn of powerful HIIT pushes, making this routine efficient and effective.

Ben Alldis shared the exciting news today. He’s thrilled to present his brand-new strength series, Total Body 20. It’s a workout that covers all your strength and cardio needs in one place. This workout is designed to make the most of your time on the mat and help you reach your fitness goals. By combining strength and HIIT cardio training, it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at – this workout will push you to do your best. The first class is happening on Monday, April 24th. Get ready to build a stronger version of yourself!

As mentioned in Ben’s post, the very first Total Body 20 strength class is set for Monday, April 24th, 2023, at 6:30am ET. Right now, there’s only one class scheduled for the next two weeks, but more will likely be added later.

Peloton’s New Total Body 20 Strength Classes

The official description of the Total Body 20 class is: “Short on time? Join Ben for an efficient and effective workout like no other. Build strength and feel the burn through empowering HIIT training — let’s go!” You can find this class listed in the strength category on Peloton’s app and website.

Ben also shared his philosophy behind these classes. He’s excited to help you maximize your time on the mat, build muscle, hit cardio goals, and become fitter and stronger. Total Body 20 combines strength and cardio in a 20-minute workout that’s going to bring great benefits. No matter your starting point, consistency and this unique training method will surprise you with the progress you can make.

Ben wants you to know that he’s in this journey with you, along with the motivating music. Together, you’ll achieve your fitness goals, and each week will end with a “Ben’s Banger.” These classes are labeled as “Guide-Ready,” but all members can take them; there’s no 7-week restriction like the Guide-only programs.

Ben Alldis now offers various dedicated strength class options. Earlier this year, Peloton released “The Stronger You” program, a 4-week program led by Ben Alldis, initially available on the Guide.

For those who prefer shorter commitments, there’s a 5-day split strength training program with Ben Alldis. You can repeat this program to track your progress over time.

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