Peloton Releases Several New Running Classes to Celebrate Global Running Day 2023

On June 7th, we celebrate Global Running Day, and Peloton is thrilled to offer a range of fresh classes in honor of this special occasion. Peloton recently unveiled these exciting updates on their Instagram stories.

They’ve added two brand-new classes directly to their on-demand library, while another exhilarating session will be broadcast live. To check out the full list of these fantastic classes, simply scroll down below:

2023 Global Running Day: Workouts, Classes, And Schedule

  • 30 minutes Global Running Day – Run with Marcel Maurer [On Demand, in German]
  • 60 minutes Global Running Day Outdoor – Run with Becs Gentry [On Demand]
  • 30 minutes Global Running Day – Run with Camila Ramón.

If you’re curious, there aren’t any badges up for grabs when you take part in the Global Running Day classes. Peloton wanted to let you know about this.

Peloton Releases Several New Running Classes to Celebrate Global Running Day 2023

Moreover, Peloton has shared a heartwarming video featuring their instructors expressing their deep love for running.

Mariana Fernandez believes running is a great equalizer. She points out how running can bring about positive changes, boosting your self-esteem. Her advice? Start small, gradually build your endurance, speed, and strength. Remember, running is a personal journey, just one step at a time, because it’s all about you.

Becs Gentry cherishes running for the mental clarity and “me” time it provides. Her message to newcomers: Don’t give up, even when it gets tough. Your running journey is unique; don’t compare it to others’.

Kristin McGee values how running pushes her beyond her comfort zone and offers a fresh perspective on New York City during her runs.

Marcel Maurer finds solace in running, as it clears his mind and grants him freedom. He also enjoys combining it with quality time with his dog. According to him, in running, there’s only room for victories, with no pressure to compete against anyone else.

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