Peloton Program Update: Your Ultimate Guide to Peloton Programs 2.0

Update: In late July, it seems that Peloton released an update that disabled this workaround. If you’re in the middle of a program, it’s probably best not to attempt this, as you might risk losing your progress. It’s safer to give it a go with a completely new program before diving in.

During the recent Peloton Homecoming event, exciting news unfolded as Peloton unveiled a host of fresh features. Among these updates, they introduced “Programs 2.0,” a revamped version of their training plans.

Before this upgrade, programs consisted of a sorted list of classes organized by weeks. However, with Programs 2.0, Peloton has taken it a step further. They now recommend specific days for taking classes and have included a handy scorecard and overview to help you monitor your progress throughout the programs. What’s more, they’ve introduced badges for each program to make your achievements even more rewarding.

Unfortunately, the rollout of these new programs has had an unintended consequence. It has locked out individuals who had previously started programs. This predicament can be attributed to two primary factors. First, certain classes have become “exclusive” to these programs. For instance, many classes that were once available by browsing the on-demand library, like those in the “Road To Your 26.2” program, are now “locked” and can only be accessed during the appropriate week of the program. If you search for these classes in the on-demand library, you’ll find that they have disappeared.

Typically, this situation would be okay, but there’s a catch: you can’t skip over Week 1 in a new training program. So, if you were in Week 5 of the “Road To Your 26.2” program, you’re currently unable to access the classes you were supposed to take. The Peloton app may show you those upcoming classes, but you can’t jump ahead to Week 5; the app will insist on keeping you at Week 1.

A lot of people have reached out to customer support regarding this issue. The responses vary from “We’re sorry, please restart from Week 1 of the new program” to “We’ve alerted our engineering team, and there have been numerous bug reports submitted. Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimated time for when this will be fixed.”

Until an official solution gets released (if it even does), there’s a handy workaround available, and it’s pretty straightforward!

But here’s an important heads-up: If you’ve already begun the program, using this workaround means sacrificing the progress you’ve achieved. So, it’s essential to weigh that when deciding whether to employ this little trick.

Locked Peloton Program Workaround

Here are the instructions for getting the Peloton app to let you begin the right week of your program. You can do these steps on your phone, and they’re compatible with Android, iPhones, and iPads. Keep in mind that later in this article, we’ll also suggest some different methods that involve simply taking individual classes instead of following programs.

Important Update: As mentioned earlier, this method might not be effective anymore. To be sure, check out the alternatives below, which suggest opting for individual classes instead. If you decide to give this method a try, consider using a new program you haven’t started yet to confirm if it still works.

  1. If you’re already part of the program, leave it (Note: Your progress will be lost).
  2. Access your phone’s Date & Time settings (in the Settings app).
  3. Switch from automatic time setting to manual.
  4. Set your date to (X-1) weeks in the past, where X is your desired program week. For instance, if you aim for the 4th week, set your date 3 weeks back. Week 1 begins when you join.
  5. Return to the Peloton app and open the Programs section.
  6. Rejoin the Program. Once back in, go to the main app screen.
  7. Go back to your phone’s settings.
  8. Reset your phone to automatic date & time settings.
  9. Return to the Peloton app and reopen your program.
  10. You should now be at your desired week! Start with Class 1 of that week. If you were mid-week, play it from your phone and skip to the end. You can also go back to previous weeks and take classes if you wish.

With this handy technique, you can reach any desired week in any Peloton program. But, please note that using this method might prevent you from earning the new program badge. However, this shouldn’t be a major worry if your main goal is to continue your progress in a program you’ve already begun.

If you’re simply curious about the classes within each program, you can explore them in the list below. We’ve included some popular past programs, so click on any program name to access the list of classes it offers.

For your future convenience, you’ll discover a complete catalog of Peloton’s training programs right here. This directory covers both the classics and newer additions such as “Build Your Power Zones” and “You Can Run.”

As previously mentioned, a few of these programs offer special classes that you won’t find in the regular library. This means they’re a bit tricky to locate when you want to watch them on demand. But, if you’re eager to take these classes without enrolling and unenrolling from the program, there are some clever tricks you can use. With the list of classes from any of these programs, you’ll be able to access them with just a little extra effort. There are three different methods you can use to make this happen.

Individual Peloton Program Class Hack #1

To start, you might want to consider adding the class to your favorites. Most classes offer this option. Nevertheless, depending on the program, your saved classes might not appear on your Bike or Tread. This is particularly true for programs like the new Build Your Power Zones. If you face this issue, don’t worry; you can test out one of the other two methods mentioned below.

Individual Peloton Program Class Hack #2

Another option is to initiate the class on your phone or laptop, allowing you to access it later on your Bike, Tread, or App. Here are the steps to follow for this approach:

  1. Select a class from the program list above.
  2. Whether it opens in a web browser or the Peloton app, click “Start” to commence the class.
  3. If you’re using the app, enjoy the class!
  4. If you’re on a Bike or Tread, pause the class after a few seconds.
  5. Head over to your Bike or Tread, and tap on your Username at the bottom left of the screen.
  6. On your profile screen, on the left-hand side, click on ‘Workout History.’
  7. In the list of classes displayed, the one you just initiated should appear first. Click on it, and you’ll see the class with a message stating, “This Workout is still in progress.”
  8. In the top right corner, you’ll find a button labeled “View Class.” Click on it.
  9. You’ll encounter the class overview popup (recently revamped) for the class you want to take. You can click “Start” to begin the class on your Bike or Tread (or add it to your Stack for later).
  10. Assuming you clicked “Start,” the next screen will present you with two options: “Resume” the class from where you paused it on your phone or laptop or “Start Over,” which will begin the class from the beginning. You’ll likely want to choose the latter.
  11. With these steps completed, you are now ready to participate in the class on your Bike or Tread. Enjoy your workout!

Individual Peloton Program Class Hack #3

There’s one more option you can explore: adding the class to your stack. If you’re using a desktop or laptop, this is a breeze. Clicking on the class opens up the class details on Peloton’s website, where you can simply hit the “Stack” icon.

However, if you’re on your phone, it’s a bit more challenging. The Peloton Android and iOS apps don’t currently support adding classes to your stack directly. But here’s a workaround: copy the class link (right-click on it) and paste it into your phone’s web browser. From there, you should spot the “Add to Stack” icon for the class, which isn’t visible in the Peloton app on your phone. You can also attempt right-clicking the link and selecting “Open in New Tab” to bypass the Peloton app on your phone. Once the class is in your stack, it will appear when you check your Bike or Tread.

Individual Peloton Program Class Hack: Bonus Option

As class stacking proves effective, it’s probable that employing the Class Scheduling function could yield similar results. Nevertheless, the limitation of not having access to a class list scheduled on the Bike or Tread, coupled with the necessity of being present at the designated time for the popup, makes it appear less than ideal. Nonetheless, if you regularly utilize the Class Scheduling feature, you might consider giving it a try. The steps would mirror those for stacking, with the sole difference being the use of the Scheduling button instead of Stacking.

We trust that this helpful tip for unlocking and accessing the complete Peloton Programs 2.0 schedule has proven beneficial. If it has, please do share it with friends or groups facing issues with Peloton program access.

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