Rumor: New Recently Recorded Peloton Scenic Rowing Classes From Hilton Head, SC With Karwoski

Good news for all the rowing enthusiasts out there! It looks like Peloton is gearing up to introduce some exciting new scenic rowing classes. Recently, a Peloton team was spotted in the picturesque Hilton Head, South Carolina, busy capturing some stunning content out on the water.

Update – scenic rowing classes featuring the talented Alex Karwoski and Ash Pryor were officially rolled out on July 28. Among the crew spotted in Hilton Head, Alex Karwoski was right there in the rower’s seat. While Alex was the only instructor we spotted, there’s a chance that other instructors might have joined the expedition too.

Alex let the cat out of the bag during a recent pre-show, confirming that he’d been on location filming a handful of fresh scenic rows. However, he didn’t spill the beans on the exact location (our thanks to @bolerobob for the heads-up on this).

If history is any indication, we might have to wait a few months before these classes make their way into the Peloton class library. Previous scenic rowing classes took a bit of time to become available after the filming team hit the location.

For those of you who are new to Peloton’s rowing world, they only launched guided scenic rowing content earlier this year. San Diego already boasts scenic classes by Ash Pryor and Matt Wilpers. Back in late 2022 when the Peloton Row first graced customers’ homes, you could only find non-guided scenic content (those distance and time-based scenic classes).

Just a friendly reminder – scenic content is exclusively for members with a Peloton hardware device and is not accessible to Peloton App users, even if you’ve got the latest Peloton app tiers. And here’s a little twist: device owners can only access content designed for their specific device. In other words, any shiny new rowing scenic content won’t pop up on Bikes or Treads, just as scenic rides don’t appear on Treads and Rows, and scenic hikes, runs, and walks remain unseen on the Bike or the Row. Peloton made these changes back in 2021 as part of their scenic content relaunch.

We promise to keep you in the loop as soon as any new Peloton scenic rowing classes hit the scene. Stay tuned!

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