Peloton’s New Guided Scenic Rowing Content from Hilton Head Island, SC With Karwoski & Pryor

Peloton Row enthusiasts, rejoice! You’ve got some exciting new content at your fingertips. Picture this: three fresh guided scenic rowing experiences, all filmed in the picturesque Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. And the best part? They’re led by the fantastic duo of Alex Karwoski and Ash Pryor!

  • 15 minutes Hilton Head Island Row – With Ash Pryor
  • 20 minutes Hilton Head Island Row – With Alex Karwoski
  • 15 minutes Hilton Head Island Row – With Alex Karwoski

Peloton broke the exciting news over on Instagram. They treated us to a sneak peek behind the scenes with a cool video:

“What we loved most about our South Carolina adventure? The awesome behind-the-scenes action! 🎬 Join Ash and Alex for some fantastic Guided Scenic rowing sessions! You can catch them on-demand, exclusively on the Row 🚣‍♂️.”

Peloton’s New Guided Scenic Rowing Content from Hilton

The buzz about these guided scenic rows with Alex in South Carolina had been building for a while. We first caught wind of it when a Peloton filming crew popped up this past Spring.

But wait, there’s more! Alongside these new guided classes, they’ve also rolled out three time-based scenic rows (10 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes) and three distance-based scenic rows (1 km, 1.5 km, and 2 km), all set against the stunning backdrop of Hilton Head Island.

This marks the second time Peloton has dropped some guided scenic goodness for the Row. Earlier this year, they wowed us with the debut of guided scenic rows featuring Matt Wilpers and Ash Pryor, this time around in Mission Bay, San Diego, California. Not to mention the recent release of fresh guided scenic content for the Bike and Tread, starring Rebecca Kennedy and Jeffrey McEachern, shot in the Canary Islands.

Peloton’s New Guided Scenic Rowing Content from Hilton

Just a quick reminder: scenic content is a treat reserved for those who own a Bike, Tread, or Row – it’s not available for Peloton App members. Plus, the content you can access is tailored to your device. So, while this fantastic new rowing content is here for Row owners, you won’t find it on Bike or Tread devices. Peloton made this change back in 2021 when they gave their scenic content a shiny new makeover.

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