Assal Arian In Three New Peloton Strength Programs in German: The Snatch, The Overhead Squat + The Clean & Jerk

Peloton recently launched three new one-week strength programs in German, featuring instructor Assal Arian. This exciting announcement was shared on Facebook, where Peloton enthusiasts were thrilled to hear the news. The accompanying caption, roughly translated, reads as follows:

EXCITING NEWS 🔥: You can now delve into the realm of weightlifting and unlock its secrets with Assal Arian through Peloton’s latest strength programs. Join us as we embark on a journey of mastering essential techniques together. From the SNATCH to the CLEAN & JERK and even the perfect OVERHEAD SQUATS, each workout is designed to enhance your strength, one movement at a time, and help you continuously grow stronger. Let’s conquer new fitness goals, one session at a time. 💪

Each of the programs offered lasts for a duration of one week and consists of six classes. However, prior to each workout, a five-minute full body strength warm-up is repeated, though each program has its unique warm-up routine. The primary focus of each program revolves around a specific strength exercise: the snatch, the clean and jerk, and the overhead squat.

To cater to members who may not be fluent in English, the majority of these new classes are accompanied by English language subtitles, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

Assal Arian Strength Training Program

The initial addition to this series is the program titled “Discover Strength with Assal Arian: The Clean and Jerk.” In this engaging program, Assal provides a comprehensive demonstration of how to master the clean and jerk, shedding light on its significant contribution to building strength and endurance with each subsequent workout session.

Assal Arian Strength Training Program

The second program available is called “Unveiling Power with Assal Arian: The Snatch.” This program is specifically designed to help participants achieve mastery in executing the snatch, while also providing valuable insights into the world of weightlifting. Through a series of dedicated workouts, individuals can enhance their strength, flexibility, and overall mobility, experiencing continuous improvement with each session.

Assal Arian Strength Training Program

The third program offered is titled “Unleashing Power with Assal Arian: The Overhead Squat.” This program is designed as a comprehensive series of workouts that guide participants through the fundamental aspects of the overhead squat. Throughout the week, individuals will have the opportunity to refine their technique and gradually progress towards achieving a flawless execution of this challenging exercise. By the end of the program, participants can expect to have attained a mastery level in performing the overhead squat with precision and confidence.

All three programs follow a consistent format: commencing with a five-minute full body strength warm-up, followed by three distinct workout segments lasting 20 minutes, 20 minutes, and 15 minutes respectively. Each class is further divided into three parts, denoting a progressive structure where subsequent parts build upon the foundations laid in earlier segments. The ultimate objective of these programs is to achieve mastery of the specific exercise by emphasizing technique, mobility, and strength development.

Since these programs are distinct entities, the classes comprising them are not listed within the general class catalog. Members are required to initiate the program and adhere to the recommended class schedule to access the corresponding content. However, by utilizing our lists, members have the flexibility to navigate through the program as desired and unlock individual classes.

For those who wish to enroll in these programs and complete them in a chronological order, initiation can be done via the programs tab on the Peloton Bike, Tread, Guide (note: Guide availability in Germany is pending), or the Peloton App.

As customary with all Peloton programs, participants will receive badges as they progress through the Discover Strength programs, with the number of badges earned reflecting their level of completion within the program.

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