Assal Arian Strength Training Program in German: “Discover Strength – The Overhead Squat”

In September 2022, Peloton introduced an innovative strength training program conducted in German, led by Assal Arian. Alongside this exciting addition, Peloton also launched specialized programs called “The Clean and Jerk” and “The Snatch.” Notably, all of these classes offer the convenience of English subtitles for a broader accessibility.

Peloton’s Discover Strength “The Overhead Squat” With Assal Arian Program Description

Peloton provides an official overview of “The Overhead Squat” program, guided by Assal Arian. This one-week program focuses on the intricacies of performing the ideal overhead squat, highlighting its benefits for weight training and overall strength enhancement. Assal Arian will expertly demonstrate and explain the techniques involved, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive understanding of this powerful exercise.

Peloton’s “The Overhead Squat” Program Badges

Peloton’s dedication to gamification continues with its program badges, providing an extra layer of motivation and achievement. By actively participating, you have the opportunity to earn distinct badges as a testament to your progress. For instance, completing three classes earns you the coveted Bronze badge, while completing four classes unlocks the prestigious Silver badge. Pushing yourself to complete five out of the six available classes grants you the highest honor—a shining Gold badge. Embrace the challenge and watch your badge collection grow as a symbol of your dedication and accomplishments within the Peloton community.

Instructors for The Overhead Squat for Peloton

Assal Arian takes the helm as the dedicated coach for the dynamic program known as “The Overhead Squat.”

How to Join the Peloton Discover Strength “The Overhead Squat” With Assal Program

When it comes to program accessibility, Peloton ensures flexibility and convenience for its users. At the time of publication, you have multiple options to join programs, whether you prefer Peloton Bikes, Tread, the Peloton Digital app, or the Peloton website. To participate in “The Overhead Squat” program, simply navigate to the programs section on your chosen platform, locate the program, and effortlessly join. For those who prefer joining online, a seamless option is available where you can easily access and engage with the program. You can join online here.

Schedule & Class List for Peloton’s Discover Strength “The Overhead Squat” With Assal Program

Provided below is an exclusive lineup of classes for each week within the program, carefully curated to maximize your progress. As part of Peloton’s program relaunch, these classes are initially “locked” and gradually unlocked as you advance through the program. However, you have the convenience of clicking on any class name from the list below to locate it effortlessly. Once found, you can bookmark the class or add it to your stack, giving you the freedom to embark on the class whenever you desire. Peloton ensures a seamless experience that empowers you to take control of your fitness journey.

Week 1 Schedule & Class List for Discover Strength “The Overhead Squat” With Assal Arian Program on Peloton

Immerse yourself in a captivating series of workouts designed to introduce you to the fundamental aspects of the overhead squat. Throughout the week, you will progressively enhance your technique, honing your skills to execute the move flawlessly by the program’s conclusion.

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