Assal Arian Strength Training Program in German: “Discover Strength – The Snatch”

In September 2022, Peloton introduced an innovative one-week strength training program in German, featuring Assal Arian as the instructor. Alongside this program, Peloton also unveiled two additional programs named “The Clean and Jerk” and “The Overhead Squat.” One remarkable aspect of these classes is that subtitles in English are provided for all of them.

Peloton’s Discover Strength “The Snatch” With Assal Arian Program Description

Peloton provides the official description for “The Snatch” program as follows: “Elevate your strength training regimen with Assal Arian as she guides you through mastering the snatch. Over the course of a week, you will gain valuable insights into proper technique, enhance your strength, and improve your overall mobility.”

Peloton’s “The Snatch” Program Badges

In typical Peloton fashion, badges are an integral part of their programs. As you participate, you have the opportunity to earn various badges as a symbol of your accomplishments. By completing three classes, you’ll be awarded the coveted Bronze badge. Push yourself further and complete four classes to earn the prestigious Silver badge. For the ultimate achievement, complete five out of the six classes to claim the illustrious Gold badge.

Instructors for The Snatch For Peloton

Assal Arian takes on the role of the exclusive coach for the captivating “The Snatch” program. With her expertise and guidance, participants can delve into the program and benefit from her knowledge and experience throughout the entire journey.

How to Join the Peloton Discover Strength “The Snatch” With Assal Program

As of the publishing date, Peloton offers the convenience of joining programs through multiple platforms such as Peloton Bikes, Tread, Peloton Digital app, or the official Peloton website. To participate in the engaging “The Snatch” program, simply navigate to the programs section and locate the desired program. From there, you can effortlessly join the program either online or through the provided link.

Schedule & Class List for Peloton’s Discover Strength “The Snatch” With Assal Program

Outlined below are the comprehensive weekly class schedules featured in the program. It’s important to note that as part of Peloton’s program relaunch, these classes are initially “locked” and become accessible as you make progress within the program. However, to facilitate easy access, you have the option to click on any class name from the list below. This will redirect you to the respective class page, where you can bookmark or add it to your stack for immediate access if desired.

Week 1 Schedule & Class List for Discover Strength “The Snatch” With Assal Arian Program on Peloton

Discover the secrets to mastering the snatch as you embark on an enlightening journey of weightlifting. Uncover the essence of this dynamic discipline and witness firsthand how each workout contributes to enhancing your strength and mobility.

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